[W8LKY] The 2 Meter repeater is back on line

The repeater is now operating with our own duplexers. I also installed a new set of cables between the duplexers to the repeater. No changes were made in the programming. the repeater is at 145.370 (110.9)
*John Myers, KD8MQ*

[W8LKY] May’s Minutes

AARC May 9th 2018
WB8OVQ Bob Warner KD8MQ John Meyer KD8KMQ Ben Davis AC8JR Andy Magda KD8RN Jerry Wheeler KE8EQI Charlie Theiss Mark Lee, Ohio Military Reserve KD8YFV Dwight Turner NX8G Rex Simmons N8WD Bryan Webler N8IGZ Peter Lucke WD8AYC Rick Graber Fran Lones KE8HCY Ron Rittenhouse WA8WHP Frank Sanor Miriam Sanor KD8BBK Tony SchilligA DE8IYN David Klemhans KD8JLP David Moreno Heath Urban K2ASA Paul Richardson KD8RFZ Mary Maendel
Meeting started at 7:30p.m. Minutes were accepted as posted Treasures report : liability insurance paid up, fees taken care for attorney xxxx.xx in account Chairman reports: Repeater committee, last week Sheri handed over the old repeaters and duplexes, they will be swapping our duplexors into our system. The repeater will be off the air, we are going up to DX Engineering to buy supplies needed to hook everything up. Then we will begin looking for housing for whole system. Since the repeater is analogue/digital, there is a pause so you need to pause when you press to talk, there is a 2 or 3 second delay CW report, normal 3 check ins. 40 meter, nothing new 10 meter side band, doing well. Eric has tweeked the echo link and it is set for a certain time accounting for time out. Not much to report Home Land Security, had 7 check ins Old business: Still working on 501c3, we have things to sign tonight. Then we turn it over to state. Then wait for them to respond By Laws: Most recent by laws were posted, we can vote on the changes. Motion made to accept the changes in the by laws KD8MQ moved , KD8YFV 2nded , motion passed Field Day information: 4th full weekend in June (23rd and 24th). Plotted out layout for stations at the sight. Logistics are looking smoother for this year’s event. The biggest desire from KD8MQ is to allocate duties for the bonus point options so he doesn’t have to do them all. Still need a volunteer for a GOTA (get on the air) coach at that station to answer questions and help them along. As for food at the event: The Ohio Reserve is offering to cook the foods while Heath is offering to purchase the chicken with club funds. He has a good contact. This is for dinner. Lunch is going to be pizza and subway or some such. Dinner is at 6 p.m. We also ask members to bring a covered dish for sides and desserts. We are going to go with the leg quarters, 2-40lbs boxes. We can also get pizzas from Pizza Oven with a discount via Heath. Will finalize details next month’s meeting which is the club summer picnic at Silver Park. We delivered gift certificates to Sheri as a thank you for housing the repeater all these years. Last month we talked about a ways and means committee, Ron KE8HCY is looking into finer details, we could sell pizza certificates or have our own ham fest next year. Possibly a tail gate fest. Lots of ideas are floating around. Andy AC8JR and Tony KD8BBK are being asked to join Ron to form the committee and come back with suggestions. New Business: Donations from N8AUH, Dave Kersten who is getting out of radio. John has a list, nothing is tested yet. Some of the stuff will be going to Butler for their fest. A list of equipment was passed around. N8ATC is doing an airport drill next Tuesday to man the hospital here in Alliance from 4p.m. to 8 p.m. they need to give information sooner than later to arrange badges and such. Just 1 operator is needed. Frank, WA8WHP has volunteered. Next month, June 2 is breakfast, June 13th is group picnic at the Log Cabin in Silver Park instead of formal meeting from 5-10, set up and tear down within the 5 hour window. Meats will be provided, please bring sides and desserts. Motion made to adjourn by WA8WHP and AC8JR seconded, meeting adjourned at 8:25p.m. Mark Lee from Ohio Military Reserve is presenting what his group does and how we can join forces to work together.
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[W8LKY] 145.37 repeater Maintenance

HI everyone,
Sometime over the weekend, I’ll be turning off the 145.37 machine for some maintenance. We’ll be swapping out the duplexers, and inserting some new cables.
I’m anticipating doing this sometime Saturday Afternoon, and will send out an e-mail once the work has been completed.
Thanks, & 73,
*John Myers, KD8MQ*

[W8LKY] The week ahead

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone had a great weekend. As I’m writing this, a gentle rain has been falling for the last hour or so. My mowers are ready for another season, and I’m happy.
We have a full week ahead in the club.
Tuesday, there will be a Field Day Planning meeting. I’ll be sharing my ideas for Field Day, and asking your opinions as well. We’ll be meeting at the Field Day site (Herbert pavilion beside Marlington Middle School) at 6 PM.
Also on Tuesday, this will be the night for the Homeland Security Net. 147.51 at 7 PM. After all, there is more to VHF than repeaters, right?
Then on Wednesday, we have our monthly club meeting. We start the night at 5:45pm at Frank’s alliance Family Restaurant (428 E. State St) for dinner and conversation.
Following that, we adjourn to the Hospital cafeteria conference room for our meeting which begins at 7:30 PM. This months guest will be Mark Lee from the Ohio Military Reserve.
Finally, on Thursday, we have our nets scheduled:
8pm 10M SSB net 28.400
8:30pm 10M CW net 28.100
9pm 2M FM net 145.370 (PL 110.9)
Have a great week everyone. Remember, forward the heck out of this announcement. Visitors are ALWAYS welcome at our meetings & events!
*John Myers, KD8MQ*

[W8LKY] Club things happening this weekend

Our monthly breakfast is Saturday, May 5th @ 8:30 am at Frank’s Alliance Family Restaurant. 428 E. State st in Alliance.
Then on Sunday, KD8JRK is hosting a “Coffee Break Rag Chew” at Complete Driving School 1150 Ely Street Alliance, Ohio 44601 Between 1:00 to 4:00.

[W8LKY] Here’s the May issue of the Alliance ARC Newsletter, the Zero Beat

HI everyone,
Here’s the link to the latest issue of the Zero Beat.
*John Myers, KD8MQ*

[W8LKY] The week ahead

Hi everyone,
Here’s a update of the week ahead.
Tuesday – The homeland security net is Tuesday at 7 PM. Program your radios for 147.51, and join in.
Thursday – Our 10 Meter nets begin with SSB at 8 PM on 28.400MHz. The CW net follows at 8:30PM on 28.100MHz
Saturday – NVIS Antenna test. Check for more info on the club website at w8lky.org. More info about NVIS can be found at arrl-ohio.org/SEC/nvis.html
The two Meter Repeater is working OK, and Echolink is up & running.

[W8LKY] Ohio NVIS Day

Ohio NVIS Day 2018 Bulletin

Ohio NVIS Day will be Saturday April 28!

Email your station logs to nvis@k8es.org
We want to know your antenna type and height (list all the antennas you try!)

Operation is from 10 – 4 EDT. Take a lunch break, enjoy each other’s company. Transmit power should stay at 100 watts for accurate signal comparison. You may operate anywhere, home, club, portable.

We have some antenna faults at The Sarge, so we’re reducing our operating schedules at least until we repair/replace the antennas and can bring manpower down from the roof to operate. Give the band conditions recently, we anticipate anchoring our W8SGT station at 3902 for the majority of the day. We hope that by afternoon, we will be able to test our own new antennas and potentially operate 40 or 160. We will announce out operation on the air, and on various web locations, primarily arrl-ohio.org.

It’s not just the Sarge, of course! Feel free to construct something for 160, as well as 80 or 40. Work each other and give accurate reports! Work as many NVIS stations as you can! We’ll provide a report on the station with the most contacts, and the best performing antennas.

We hope to flood the bands with “NVIS Day” signals!

[W8LKY] W8LKY 2 Meter Repeater update

Thanks to Eric, N8HHV, the Echolink is back up and running. He also made some improvements in the operation of it. Thanks to all who assisted in the testing of the system last night.
So, try it out. log in to Echolink, and look for the W8LKY node.
TNX & 73

[W8LKY] Echolink is down

The W8LKY-R echo link node has been disabled for the time being.
I will get more information to you as it becomes available.