AARC WFD Preliminary Information

Here’s the preliminary numbers from our Winter Field Day weekend. I’ll sit down with the rules and work on the submission this week. DE KD8MQ


[W8LKY] Winter Field Day information

Hi everyone,
I wanted to give you another update on Winter Field Day preparations from the equipment managers standpoint.
– We have plenty of Plates, cups, bowls, forks, knives, spoons, and napkins.
– Both HF rigs are talking nicely with the computers. I have not put them on the air, but no problems are expected.
– The software has been loaded on two laptops, and Rex will be bringing a third laptop for his station.
– I’ll be out at the site around 10-ish on Saturday AM to begin antenna & station set-up. We should be OK for a 2 PM start.
– Tony will ensure that antennas & coax are delivered to the site.
– The check-in radio has been checked out, and is A-OK. It will be running on both club repeaters this weekend.
*Here’s some things that you can bring. *
Water or soda chips, crackers, cheese, etc.
Don’t forget that we will be doing a Chili cook-off & dessert bake-off at 5:30 PM on Saturday PM. Paul, or Tomas may have more info on these items.
*More info*
You can find out more about the weekends festivities at w8lky.org/?page_id=2544

[W8LKY] January issue of the Zero Beat

Hi everyone,
I guess 10 months was enough of a vacation. Here’s the January issue of the Zero Beat.
You can read it by clicking the following link: w8lky.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2018_01.pdf
Please pay special attention to the explanation on pg 4 of some website changes.

Minutes – January AARC Meeting

AARC January 10, 2018

KD8MQ John Meyers
KD8KMQ Ben Davis
N8IGZ Peter Lucke
KE8EQI Charlie Theiss
KE8HCY Ron RIttenhouse
Miriam Sanor
WA8WHP Frank Sanor
KD8WVE Loren Kleinans
K2ASA Paul Richards
KC8ZEH Tomas St. George
WD8AYC Rick Graber
KD8RFZ Mary Maendel
N8WD Bryan Webler
K7CE Carl Manning
KD8YFV Dwight Turner
KE8CKL Mike Urban
NX8G Rex Simmons
Heath Urban
KD8JRK Tom Steele
Fran Lones

Meeting started at 7:30 with prayer and pledge and intros
Minutes submitted by email and approved
Repeater update, nothing new, Eric and John are going in different directions at this time, are trying to get together.
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Don’t forget, tomorrow night is our club meeting. Preceded by dinner at
Franks Diner in Alliance at 1745. All are welcome. Meeting is Alliance
Hospital conference room just off the cafeteria at 1930.

Program by John KD8MQ.

We will be touching on the winter field day set up. Chili Cookoff and desert
bakeoff……hope to see you all there.

If you are one of the trustees reading this, please remember I need you to
review the club bylaws before the March meeting and be prepared for any
additions or corrections you see might need to be made.



AARC Stuff

Hi everyone,
We have a lot of stuff happening in the next week, so I wanted to drop you a line to let you know about it.
No, this isn’t a newsletter, or a “Monday Morning Message”. Your former editor is just poking his head out of the rabbit hole for a moment to let you about some things coming up.
*First*, don’t forget the club meeting this week. We’ll be meeting at the Alliance Community Hospital at 7:30 PM. The Cafe conference room is booked. The temperature should be in the mid-40s, so there’s no excuse to stay home. The program this month is your’s truly talking about a couple of things, but mostly the leagues new “operating event”, the ARRL International Grid Chase 2018. I’ll show you why this is the easiest event that you probably are already participating in without knowing it.
*Second*, Don’t forget dinner! On Wednesday, we’ll be meeting for dinner at Frank’s Alliance Family Restaurant (428 E. State St) at 5:45 PM. Frank is running a fundraiser to benefit the Alliance Area Habitat For Humanity. Please help him out if you can.
*Third*, For the time being, the CW & SSB nets have swapped times. For now, the 10 Meter SSB net (28.400MHz) starts at 8PM, and the 10 Meter CW net (28.100MHz) at 8:30PM.
*Fourth*, the Ohio ARES Simplex contest is coming up this weekend. This would make a good club project if someone would take the lead on it. You can learn more at arrl-ohio.org/news/2017/ps-12-11-17.pdf#page4 Look at Pg 4 if the link doesn’t take you there.
*Fifth*, Don’t forget that the AARC DX Challenge is still going on. You can learn more about it at w8lky.org/?page_id=2548.
*Sixth*, Winter Field Day is coming up on January 27/28, and the Alliance ARC is participating. You can find out about it at the club meeting on Wednesday evening.
*Seventh*, and lastly, The Tusco Hamfest is coming up also on the 28th. You can see the flier at tuscoarc.org/
And that’s it. I’m going back underground till I feel the need to do another “NOT-A-NEWSLETTER”

AARC drawing benefits the Alliance Fire Departments Toy Drive


On November 8th, we held our annual drawing to benefit the AFD Toy Drive. This year we set a new record. $501 was raised to help the kids in the Alliance area!


Good morning HAMS,

November 4 is the next club breakfast at Franks restaurant in Alliance at
0830. See you there? Our next meeting is a big one. Everyone come to buy a
raffle ticket or A BUNCH OF TICKETS.  All money goes to the Alliance fire
dept. For the toys for kids drive. It is a great thing to do for the
community and a really nice chance to win something cool for your shack.

Everything to be raffled off has been donated, so anything may show up. We
have antennas, HT radios ,gift certificates tools and accessories.

WIN. ( however, a proxy can attend for you)

You need not be a member to participate.

Please come and spend generously, all for a great cause and a chance to win
cool stuff………..

Drawings will be after the business portion of the meeting…….



Club to Hold Classes

Our 2017 Special Event

On Saturday, August 12th, W8LKY will be on the air to commemorate Alliance, OH as the birthplace of the Ohio State Flower; the Scarlet Carnation.

We’ll be on the air from 1400Z-2000Z,  on or about 14.250 14.035 7.240 7.035 . A certificate can be downloaded here.