New Repeater Site

A small group met out at the new 2 Meter repeater site this afternoon meet with the owner and get access to the site.

The site sports a 300’tower, and is climate controlled. 
The preliminary plans are to get onto the tower at the 250’ level, which should give excellent coverage for the entire area. This puts us at just shy of the 1500’ ASL mark.

The goal is to be up and operational on the new tower by Field Day.

The tower is a couple miles west of Alliance, on State St.



         Good afternoon everyone. Let me be one of the first to congratulate our new vice president of AARC Douglas Matthews! Doug brings a wealth of knowledge to our club and to this year’s group of officers of AARC We got a lot accomplished last night at our April 10th meeting at AultmanAlliance Community Hospital. We finally have by all indications a new site for the two(2 meter repeater. John KD8MQ has been working on this for some time and many thanks to John KD8MQ for all his hard work on this project. The details on the new Two (2) site will be in the April minutes of the meeting which will be posted later in the month. Due to space constraints, I will not go into the other areas that were addressed last night, but you can catch up on those areas of activity when the minutes are posted on the website. Remember our nets on Thursday night and Tuesday night 

2019 National Robotics Challenge at Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Reposted from the Marion Amateur Radio Club Facebook page

The Marion Amateur Radio Club of Marion Ohio, will be operating a Special Event station at the 2019 National Robotics Challenge at Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Marion County Fairgrounds. We will be operating on HF ( SSB Phone, PSK31, FT8, and CW) and on DMR (Talk groups 313964- Marion, Ohio Local, 3139- Ohio Statewide, TAC 310, or Brandmeister 91- Worldwide) under our club callsign W8GVB on Thursday April 11th, Friday April 12th, and Saturday April 13th at varying times. It was kind of a short notice idea so we aren’t sure if the ARRL will get it listed in time but were going to give it a shot anyways. If you hear our station on the air, give us a shout as we will be ushering youth into our station and display to operate under local control to make contacts across the world and experience our hobby. The Marion Amateur Radio Club and Marion County Ohio Amateur Radio Emergency Services has been volunteering our time for the past several years to staff this event and this year we have decided to promote and demonstrate our hobby to hundreds of technically minded youth from all over the world that attend this event. We hope to hear you and let’s have some fun on the air!!!! 73’s and GL de W8GVB

The Week Ahead (Mar 31)

I thought I’d share some upcoming items with you.

AARC DX Challenge – First of all, The AARC DX Challenge ends at 0000Z. If you want to participate, send me your log in ADI format. You just need to send me the log covering the dates from Oct 1 – Mar 31. You do not need to separate the DX & domestic contacts; the software will do that for us. More information can be found at

Homeland Security Net – Next, Tuesday night is the Homeland Security net. The HSN meets each Tuesday at 7PM on 147.51 FM Simplex. All are welcome to join in and learn about FM simplex operation.

Net Night – Thursday is Net Night. More information can be found at The schedule is as follows”

– 8:00PM Ten Meter SSB Net (28.420 MHz)

– 8:30PM Ten Meter CW Net (28.100 MHz)

– 9:00PM Two Meter FM Net (145.37 MHz)

Club Breakfast – Saturday, this month’s club breakfast is scheduled for 8:30 at Blue Fig restaurant (2340 W State St). Come on out. No meeting, no agenda, just good food & good fellowship. All are welcome.

April Meeting – Our monthly meeting comes up on the 10th. Tony, KD8BBK and I have something different Cooked up. You’ll hear more as the time approaches.

And that’s it.

73 All,

DE John, KD8MQ


   I just noticed a very interesting posting called Hams for Christ ( I thought I would pass on some general information about this website. They operate on frequency 7263 KHz Monday through Saturday starting 4:30 Eastern and 3:30 Central. Check in time is 15 minutes before starts and all are welcome.
Ron Rittenhouse, KE8HCY


     A. 10 METER CW NET–8:30 PM
     C.   2 METER NET-9PM
                                       GET ON THE AIR RON!!  I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT!!!

2019 Relay for Life Event
University of Mount Union

The Alliance Amateur Radio Club is making& a $100. donation to The American Cancer Society in conjunction with the University of Mount Union’s “Relay For Life” Event to be held in Mount Union Stadium April 12-13, 2019. The twelve(12) hour event will begin at 6PM on the 12th and conclude at 6 AM on the 13th of April. AARC’s $100 donation will be recognized as a “Patient Care Partner” contributor for the 2019 Relay For Life event. We have attached two files on this event, one file is a flyer that you may download and post it in your church and the other list the categories for donors.
Ron Rittenhouse

March Meeting Minutes

Alliance Amateur Radio Club


March 13, 2019 Meeting Minutes



1) The yearly membership dues are up for renewal. You will no longer be a current member as of April 1, 2019 unless you renew. $15 Sustaining, $10 Full, $5 Associate, $1 Family.

2) The deadline for the 2nd Club T-shirt order is April 30, 2019. Immediately after that date, the order will be submitted, so get them while you can folks. Contact Ron Rittenhouse for prices.

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[w8lky] Statewide tornado test

From our Ohio ARES Director
Hey everyone!
You should already know that the Ohio statewide tornado drill is set for Wednesday, March 20 at 9:50AM. Several people have asked about taking this time for another test of the statewide DMR net, and that sounds like a great opportunity!
I don’t want to take manpower away from your local nets, so let’s try a ~fast~ check-in net on the Ohio DMR Talk Group (3139) starting at 0930. That should give everyone time to check in and get back to your local Skywarn weather nets. We’ll call two districts at a time, in numeric order.
Wednesday, 0930 on Ohio
Hope to hear from you!!
-Stan Broadway


John Myers, KD8MQ

[w8lky] AARC Power Point Presentation

  Good afternoon everyone, if you were not at our meeting on Wednesday 3/13/19 then you missed the Premier Showing of our new AARC Power Point Presentation. From what I can gather so far, everyone viewing the PPP liked it and now it is time to "take it on the road"  We created a TRIAD concept for Public Relations and Recruitment: First the new AARC Business Cards, Second a completely revamped  Tri-Fold AARC pamphlet and last but not least, AARC's Power Point Presentation. I am hearing some of you say, where do I view it? do not worry, during the meeting last night John KD8MQ created a link on AARC's Web Page. Look for the word "Presentation" in the top box of the home page. Just left click twice on Presentation and the new AARC PPP will come up for you to view. Now this is where you come, if you are available when I call you, I would like an additional AARC Member accompany me on presentations. I would also ask you to spread the word about the availability of the clubs new PPP for any club or organization.  We already have a standing invitation to provide the PPP at a Alliance Rotary Club meeting. I am making contacts, I just reached out to the Alliance Historical Society  and others. I would be re-missed not to mention all the hard word that Peter N8IGZ did on this project.Peter did an outstanding job of tweaking the presentation adding color and graphics. The Executive Board, Trustees and other Hams in the club provided photos and advice, we spent 20+ hour on the original B & W version and Peter N8IGZ turned it into a master piece.  We had fourteen(14) members at the 3/13/19 meeting. Our guest speaker for the meeting was Mark Locke, CEO of the Alliance Chamber of Commerce, he was the first person outside the club to view the PPP Wednesday night. I hope all of you like the PPP
Ron Rittenhouse KE8HCY