[W8LKY] Echolink is live

Hi everyone, just wanted you to know that echo link is back and should be functional For this weeks net.
John Myers, KD8MQ
kd8mq1@gmail.com 330-936-5021

[W8LKY] AARC – The week ahead

Here’s a couple of items of note for the week ahead.
Tuesday- Our Homeland security net happens at 7:00PM on a simplex frequency of 147.51. In case of massive power outage, where our repeaters might not be available, it’s good to be fluent in Simplex operation.
Wednesday- This is our monthly meeting night. We meet for dinner at 5:45 at Frank’s Alliance Family Restaurant (428 E. State St, Alliance). Then at 7:30 is our monthly club meeting at the Alliance Community Hospital. We meet at 7:30pm in the Cafe Conference room. This months program will be a short program on club history.
Thursday- is our Net night. The net schedule is:
following nets Scheduled:
– 8:00PM Ten Meter SSB Net (28.400 MHz) – 8:30PM Ten Meter CW Net (28.100 MHz) – 9:00PM Two Meter FM Net (145.37 MHz)
In closing, don’t forget that our two-Meter repeater has been replaced with a Yaesu System Fusion machine. The big change you’ll notice will be it requires a tone to access now. Just plug in 110.9 as your transmit and receive tones, and you will be all set. We are currently running at 35 W, till we see how the coverage is.
Thanks to everyone who helped, mainly the repeater committee (besides myself, there’s Ben, KD8KMQ, Paul, K2ASA, Tony, KD8BBK, and Cliff, KE8FSZ. Special recognition goes to Carl, K7CE, Bob, WB8OVQ, and Eric, N8HHV.

[W8LKY] W8LKY/R two Meter repeater is on-line

The new two meter repeater is on the air. Feel free to use it as we have in the past.
I will let you know once Echolink is back online.
This is a Yaesu DR-1XFR Analog/Digital machine running in mixed mode. So if you have a Yaesu System Fusion radio, you will be able to access the digital side of the repeater.
The analog side works as before with one change. You now need to set both your receive & transmit tones to 110.9 to access the machine. The noise issues we’ve been enduring should be a thing of the past.
Thanks to the repeater committee, for your help. Special thanks go to Carl, K7CE, Eric, N8HHV, and Bob, WB8OVQ for all their help.

[W8LKY] New repeater coming online Sunday afternoon.

I wanted to send out an e-mail to let you know about some happenings on the repeater front.
Sunday afternoon, a few of us are going to be dropping my tower, and installing the repeater antenna. At the same time, Bob, WB8OVQ will be here to help set up the new machine.
Before you ask, thank you for wanting to help, but NO ADDITIONAL HELP is needed at this time. The best thing you can do is stay away, so we can do our job.
Here’s what you CAN do, though.
1) Once testing begins, we will be shutting down the existing repeater.
2) Once you hear us on the air testing the new machine, PLEASE stay off the air! If we want to hear how the machine is sounding at your QTH, we’ll put out a call.
3) Once the machine is set up and made public, you will need to have your radio’s tone squelch & PL both programmed to 110.9. (Frank, WA8WHP will be available at the club meeting on Wednesday night to assist in programming your rigs.)
4) I highly recommend creating a separate memory in your rigs for the new repeater. This is in case we have issues (God forbid) with the new setup, and have to revert back to the machine at OMO’s QTH.
I believe in the power of prayer, and know that a lot of you do as well. So I’m asking that everyone please keep your repeater committee in your prayers, as we take this big step.
Thanks everyone for your help & patience as we worked towards this day.
*John Myers, KD8MQ*

[W8LKY] Tonight’s Field Day Meeting is cancelled

Sorry everyone, but Mother nature wins this round.
The Field Day meeting or this evening is cancelled.
I’ll bring the info up at the club meeting on the 11th.
Thanks, and see you at Breakfast on Saturday.

[W8LKY] AARC Club Breakfast is this Saturday

Our monthly breakfast is Saturday, April 7th @ 8:30 am at Frank’s Alliance Family Restaurant. 428 E. State st in Alliance.
NOTE: There was talk at the last meeting of moving locations. Since then, I haven’t heard anything, so Unless I do, I’m assuming that we will be at Frank’s.
If I hear anything different, I will let you know.

[W8LKY] AARC Field Day Planning meeting is Scheduled for Tuesday, April 3rd

Our planning meeting for ARRL Field Day 2018 will be tomorrow night (Tuesday, 4-3) at the Marlington Pavilion at 6:30 PM.
I promise, we’ll keep this as short as possible. I want to go over plans for this years effort, including some ideas I have for station layout.
If you are interested in helping out with our Field Day efffort this year, please plan to attend.
The weather is forecast to be in the 60s, and chance of rain about 20%. See you there.

[W8LKY] Here’s the April issue of the Zero Beat

Here’s the latest issue of the Zero Beat: w8lky.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/2018_04.pdf
Happy Easter,

[W8LKY] Field Day Planning Meeting April 3rd at the FD Site

There will be a ARRL Field Day Informational/Planning meeting coming up on Tuesday, April 3rd at 6:30 PM.
This meeting is for anyone who is interested in participating in the club Field Day effort.
We will be meeting at the Field Day site in the pavilion at Marlington Middle school ( 10325 Moulin Ave NE ).
I’d like to talk about plans for this years Field Day, and answer any questions you may have.
Whether this is your first Field Day, or you have a few of them under your belt, you owe it to yourself to attend.
Attendance is NOT mandatory, but perhaps we can hasten the arrival of spring by making some summer plans.
ARRL Field Day will take place on June 23-24 (ALWAYS the 4th full weekend of June).
Hope to see you there.

[W8LKY] Homeland Security Net is This Tuesday

The next Homeland Security net is coming up this Tuesday evening, March 27th. The net meets on the 2nd & last Tuesday of each month at 7 PM. The frequency is 147.51 Simplex. It’s a good training tool, as it gives you a great idea how your two meter setup is running (or is not running). It also gives us some practice in VHF simplex operation. After all, there is more to Two meters than just repeaters. Besides, the way that .37 has been “working”, running simplex is definitely a something to include in your Ham radio tool box. Feel free to share this to anyone you think might be interested.