[w8lky] W8LKY’s Article for Ohio Section Journal

     I just wanted to share with all of you the article on The 2019 Carnation Grand Parade,  that was just submitted to the Ohio Section Journal and which comes out each week. We also created an article for “The Review” and I just was in contact with the editor of The Review a short while ago and the article will run soon. The Title of the article in “The Review” should be Carnation Grand Parade–Behind the Scenes. Both articles are written slightly different and you will see what I mean when they are  published. To  everyone who participate in any way in the Carnation Parade project, you did a great job, We had a few hiccups, but we got through it and all is well in the Carnation City. Tonight, we are posting the article submitted to the Ohio Section. We will post The Review article after it is published.
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August Minutes,2019

Alliance Amateur Radio Club

August 14, 2019 Meeting Minutes


The club is accepting donations to help offset the cost of the 2 meter repeater relocation. You can make checks payable to the Alliance Amateur Radio Club: Donation to the Repeater Fund. We are now officially a 501-C3 Non-profit Organization, which would make your donations possible for a tax write-off. We are currently working on the donation tax forms and will have them soon.

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[w8lky] September Breakfast

      We are changing the location of AARC’s  September Breakfast to Don Poncho’s Restaurant (2105 W. State St). We had originally schedule the location at Blue Fig  It has been decided to eliminate them from any further use of their of their services. September 7th breakfast is now schedule for Don Poncho’s at 8:30am, come on out and share some good food and fellowship!

[w8lky] ARES: Sign Up and Participation


     One of the major reasons why we become Amateur Radio Operators is to Serve our Nation, State and local governments in the event of a major Disaster. If you are not of member of ARES, I would like to refer you to several sources of information. The first would be AARL or better yet, do a search for: ARES.ORG and you will come to a AARL section on ARES. The second is our own web site: w8lky.org, go to Presentations and click on the Club’s power point presentation an scroll down to the last few slides. Their is a slide with a comprehensive explanation of ARES. Their are also several slides on the 2019 Memorial Day Tornado Out Break  in South Western Ohio, which are very detailed. We all enjoy operating our own rigs and the many opportunities that we have as Ham Operators. But their is no great feeling in life, besides family, that serving Mankind when help in needed. You and I as Amateur Operators, will not hesitate to lending a hand. If you are not already sign up as a ARES Member, now it the time, it is free and you will join many of us on the road to becoming prepared to answer the call when the requests are made to HELP OUR FELLOW MAN.  Please fill out the registration and mail it in at the address below or go to OHIO SECTION.com and their is a email address in the ARES Section. Please use the form in the attachment at the end of this article to register for ARES. Some day, you just might save lives knowing that you participate in ARES.


     It may be a bit early, but we wanted to make sure this year's Christmas Dinner was a good event. We will have our Christmas and Awards Dinner on Wednesday December 4th at 6PM First Christian Church, 1141 West Beech Street in Alliance. All paid reservations will need to be in on November 13th at our November AARC Meeting, their will be no at the door of the evening purchases. The menu has not be finalized yet, but as soon as we have it we will pass it along to you. I promise you the meal will be excellent and served promptly. The entertainment will feature a vocal group from Alliance High School. The cost of the event will be posted as we move forward towards the event.  Awards and Honor's for 2019 will include: AARC'S Ham of the Year and Certificates of Service for 2019. Please add this to your Holiday Calendar for 2019, We welcome and look forward to seeing you and your wife or for the single guys, significant other and visa versa for our Lady members. Dress will be business casual.
President AARC W8LKY

[w8lky] August 14th Pre Meeting Dinner reminder

      Just a reminder that our pr-meeting dinner is tonight August 14th at the Blue Fig  5:30PM and the restaurant is located at 2340 West State Street in Alliance.  When you enter the front door, their is a small dinning room just to the left as you enter through the entrance door. Dwight Turner (KD8YFV is presenting tonight's program on Antennas. See you at the meeting.

[w8lky] President’s Notes

      Wow what a beautiful day it was to have a parade. The 2019 Greater Carnation Festival concluded a few minutes ago with a barrage of Fireworks. Over all, the Carnation Festival Grand Parade project was a success. We had a few glitches, but once we switch to plan B and went to the Home Land Security net, we were in  business. We did a parade flow report and the details are simple, the parade kicked off at 11:03AM Fernwood and State and concluded a 1:25PM as the last unit was exiting off the parade route at Broadway and S. Union for dispersal. I don't know if you knew, but we did have contact with Officer Aaron Perkins(K3AHP) day shift supervisor of APD throughout the day. Frank WA8WHP our net control operator gave a AARC pamphlet to the WDPN 1310AM broadcast team doing the parade live and we got some great PR for the Club. We have include some time on the August 14th meeting to discuss this year's parade project, bring your notes if you participated.


      I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the club members who will be part of our communications team for the Carnation Festival Grand Parade Saturday morning August 10th. In addition to our club members, we have Karen Andrews (N8HUC) from PCARS and Doug Reynolds (KI4RHU) of the Canton Amateur Radio Club working on our team, many thanks to them for joining us. If in the event you are just attending the parade with family, do not forget we are using the 440 repeater and just listen in. We are manning thirteen (13) post along the parade route.  Frank WA8WHP will serve as net control and he will be located near the intersection of West State and Fernwood and he will have access to parade officials as the need arises.
Project Chairperson


     ARRC’s August breakfast will be this Saturday August 3rd at 8:30AM Don Poncho’s Restaurant located at 2105 West State Street in Alliance. All members and families, guests are welcome,  Area Ham Operators are also welcome to attend. Great fellowship and good food

[w8lky] Ham radio equipment for sale in Sebring

Hi everyone,

I received this from Hal, KE8II. He has some Ham Radiio equipment coming up in this weekends garage sale in Sebring. Sorry for the latre posting of this. 
Garage sale Aug 1, 2 & 3     9am to 5pm or phone or stop by after sale

HAL KELLEY      KE8II         330-938-9135        
505 W Ohio Ave, Sebring    (Brown House Corner 19th St. & Ohio Ave)

-2 Meter 4-Element Quad Antenna     $25
-Jaybeam MBM 88 Element 70cm Antenna (420-450 MHz)     $50
-Hustler 5-BTV HF trap vert. Antenna 10/15/20/40/75(new $180)    $50
-Hustler HF Mobile Antenna (no base) w/resonators — RM-10s, RM-15S, RM-20S, RM-40  (approx. new price $120)     $50
-Kenwood TS-440S-AT HF Transceiver 10-160 meters                              (not sure if antenna tuner works)
With Kenwood PS30 regulated Power Supply     $250
-CDE CD-45 II/44 Rotor Controller      $50
-CDE CD-45 II Hardware Set – unused – new $25       $10

-CDE TR-4 Rotor     $25
-Several – Alliance U-100 Rotor Controller's plus a few older models 2 for $15
-1-Alliance Rotor Controller solid state
 -A large quantity of antenna cable