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For those who haven’t seen it, here’s the Around Town segment where Frank WA8WHP & Ron, KE8HCY were on.

Final Report: Great Carnation Festival 2018 Grand Parade Communications Project

Revised: September 12, 2018

The Alliance Amateur Radio Club provided Communications for the 2018 Greater Carnation Festival Grand Parade on Saturday August 11, 2018 in Alliance, Ohio. The club’s project received two (2) blessings, the club’s Two (2) Meter Repeater W8LKY worked flawlessly and the weather was magnificent

The logistics for the event include a parade route of 2.1 miles long, which included using a part of State Route 183 and US Route 62. AARC positioned Ten (10) radio operators in such a manner in which the entire parade route was visible at all times.  Incidents along the parade route could be relayed to W8LKY net control and passed on to a representative of the Grand Parade Committee.  A Tactical Call Sign System was created for the duration of the event, “Carnation Control” acted as net control for the event which was located at the beginning of the parade.  The radio operators used various Tactical Call Signs such as “Carnation Six (6)” which designated the location of the radio operator and occasionally the operators would add their own call letters to their parade status reports.  The parade itself, took approximately One and a Half Hours to reach the end of the parade route at Broadway and South Union Ave. where it dispersed on West Broadway.   The project was completed by 1:30PM with the sign off of the radio operator at Union and Broadway Streets, which signified the last unit, had entered the dispersement area. The Alliance (Ohio) Police Department also monitored the activity ofW8LKY’s 2018 Grand Parade Communication Project.

The Operations:  We started with a 9AM PR Parade briefing at Rockhill Elementary School. Each radio operator was given a packet containing a parade lineup and other project information. Each operator proceeds to their assigned locations and checked in at 9:30AM with “Carnation Control” the Tactical Control for the project.  Each location operator reported the first unit’s arrival and the last unit passing their assigned location and any incident that may have occurred during their time in the viewing area of their assigned location. After the last unit passed their location, they were dismissed.

The Ten(10) radio operators of the Alliance Amateur Radio Club who participated in this project included:

  • Frank Sanor WA8WHP
  • Loren Kleinhans KD8WVE
  • Paul Richardson K2ASA
  • Howard Miller JR. K8DXR
  • Ron Rittenhouse KE8HCY
  • Shawn Gentle KD8ZEZ
  • Dwight Turner KD8YFV
  • Dave Kleinhans KE8IYN
  • Dave Moreno KE8JLP
  • Mike Urban KE8CKL.

Frank Sanor WA8WHP served as “Carnation Control” or Net Control for W8LKY for the Greater Carnation Festival 2018 Grand Parade Communication Project.  Ron Rittenhouse KE8HCY served as coordinator for the event.

Contacts for the 2018 Greater Carnation Festival included: The Grand Parade Chairperson Eric Brown and General Festival Chairperson Becky Bondoni Fernandez.  Alliance (Ohio) Police: Officer Aaron Perkins K8AHP Member of AARC

Respectfully Submitted

Ron Rittenhouse KE8HCY

2018 Greater Carnation Festival Grand Parade Communication Project Chairperson

A print friendly version of this report can be found here.






[W8LKY] testing again

Sending as plain text…….test of aarc mailing.

[W8LKY] Sept. minutes

Aarc September 12, 2018 Minutes
John Meyers KD8Mq Ben Davis KD8KMQ Tomas St.George KE8ZEH Heath Urban KE8KAV Ron Rittenhouse KE8HCY Frank Sanor WA8WHP Miriam Sanor Tony Schillig KD8BBK Paul Richardson K2ASA Mary Maendel KD8RFZ Dwight Turner KD8YFV Andy Magda AC8JR David Moreno KE8JLP Charlie Theiss KE8EQI Mike Urban KE8CKL
Meeting started at 7:30 with prayer and pledge Minutes accepted Treasurers report 3670.97 in account Sept. birthdays announced Fire alarm went off with a code red in the lab in the basement Old business: Cw report, with moving and new location for Frank, there wasn’t any net run, Charlie said he called but no one responded 10 meter ssb net, plugging away with 7 or 8 round table talks 2 meter net, Smitty ran the net for the month of August. Working on what side to talk on. Echo link is down still. Average 9 people each week Homeland security had 2 folks check in and talked for a while Repeater update, the antenna and/or feedline are the problem, this is why Echo Link is shut off till we fix it. The repeater is arriving tomorrow from Yasue and will soon be installed and running in open mode tomorrow night. The 2 meter machine is the problem child. The 440 is working away just fine Ways and Means committee are thinking of running a raffle on hf units, with limited number of tickets and x number of dollars, it has potential of raising monies. This is just in the planning stages No classes running Old business 501c3 John has called 4 x’s and she won’t answer phone, no updates in hand. Castle run report, went great, everyone rocked it! Actually had Aaron as police officer ham, had a dog issue and Aaron was contacted and the police responded and took care of it. Carnation parade update, went well, good temps, good coverage, had 9 hams operating, parade lasted 1 1/5 hours and was totally covered. Gave article to John for newsletter or web site. T-shirt reports: everything is going well but have 2 extras but are 2 short of what was ordered. Send checks to Ron Rittenhouse not Tony. Ron will give it to Tony. Dwight announced arrl is having a hurricane watch net on 40 and 20 meters 14.325 and 7.268 so you can listen and observe how it works, stay clear as far as transmitting. K3LR field trip is this weekend. Saturday morning by 9 am be at dx engineering for a talk then go to K3LR super station in PA. we will meet at 8am in front of Elder Beermens to car pool up to sight. If you don’t want to go to dx engineering and just go to K3LR house on your own. There is another club taking a tour at the house, then going to Steak and Lube for lunch. Use the club repeaters to communicate on the way. New Business Frank has buttons for $1.00 a piece, proceeds go to club after costs. Next month is the elections. Need new secretary Need new president Start thinking of ham of the year, it takes time to make the plaque, so we should start ballots in Oct. Next meeting Oct. 10th Motion to adjurn made by Frank and 2nd by Heath
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[W8LKY] AARC Breakfast (correction)

Yes I know what month it is, I did a cut and paste without reading it entirely. Here’s a corrected version to share.
Our monthly breakfast is Saturday @ 8:30 am at Frank’s Alliance Family Restaurant. 428 E. State St. John Myers, KD8MQ 330-936-5021

[W8LKY] AARC Breakfast

Our monthly breakfast is Saturday, April 7th @ 8:30 am at Frank’s Alliance Family Restaurant. 428 E. State st in Alliance.

[W8LKY] 2 Meter Repeater News

Hi everyone,
Thanks to the efforts of several club members, the repeater antenna (145.370) has been replaced with something a bit bigger. Give it a try. I’ll be turning the tones on in a couple minutes.
Remember to set your TX & RX tones to 110.9
*John Myers, KD8MQ*

[W8LKY] October meetinhg

IT has been brought to my attention that I put the wrong date for the next meeting…………… IT will be OCTOBER 10…………NOT THE 9th as in the last email………BE THERE OCTOBER 10 Paul K2ASA Sent from Mail for Windows 10

[W8LKY] Tower & antennas for sale

John could you let your membership know of my sale?
Moving and need to sell. Buyer takes all, must take down. $500
72 ft River View tower. 18/ 14/ 11 Sky Hawk tri-band 7/8 Andrews hard line 100-110 feet? Tail twister guy wires and earth screws two 440 beams 144/440 vertical 160 dipole 450ohm ladder line
John/K8LN 330-418-6824

[W8LKY] meeting

Good evening fellow hams,
A word about the upcoming meeting.  October 9 is the date and 1930 is the time, Alliance hospital is the place.. Prior to the meeting we will have dinner at Frank’s family restraunt in Alliance.
This meeting is the annual meeting. That means we will be electing officers for next year. This year we will be electing President, Vice president, Secretary, treasurer and a trustee. The current trustees will be in charge of the elections.
We will also be accepting nominations for HAM OF THE YEAR…..those nominations are to be written down and given to me so I can tally votes for the next HAM OF THE YEAR.  The plaque will be given at the club Christmas party as has been the practice in the past.
This year, Mary will not be able to serve as secretary due to commitments that she is unable to devote the time she would like to the job.
You will also be electing a NEW president , as I will not accept a third year at the helm
It is easy to sit back and let “the old guys do it.”  Time to bite the bullet and let the trustees know that you are interested in becoming an officer. Things cant be what it can be if NEW BLOOD fails to become a part of the solution.
Let  us NOT stay home in fear of being elected to and office. Get yourself in motion and talk to the trustees.  You are not alone in an office. There are many of us who have served in those capacities that are more than willing to provide input. 
Do not stay home come to your meetings and let your voice be heard. .
Paul K2ASA
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