Skywarn Classes will be conducted by the National Weather Service (NWS) (located in Cleveland, Ohio) on November 12, 2019 starting at 6pm at Maplewood Career Center Conference Room A, 7075 State Route 88, Ravenna, Ohio. No preregistration is required, and classes are free. The class will be conducted by Meteorologists from NWS and will last about two(2) hours. All new and current members of AARC are encouraged to attend this informative seminar on Weather and the role that Amateur Radio operators and First Res-ponders play in reporting weather conditions in all kinds of weather events. Certificates of Completion and Skywarn ID cards are available on line after you complete this seminar. Skywarn Training, is an important part of every Amateur Radio Club’s Mission to be prepared to provide Emergency Communications during Severe Weather related events. 
Ron KE8HCY  

[w8lky] The Zero Beat is back

After a not-so-brief Hiatus, the Zero Beat is back. You can read it at http://w8lky.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/2019_11.pdf.
John Myers, KD8MQ

DX Calendar for October

[w8lky] Special Election November 13th

     The Trustee's will conduct a brief Election at the beginning of the November 13 AARC Meeting. An individual has stepped up and wants to serve as Secretary for AARC for the coming year. The individual wants to be really involved in AARC activities and he will do a fine job and we are looking forward to him joining the Executive Committee that night.

October 2019 Meeting Minutes

Alliance Amateur Radio Club

October 9, 2019 Meeting Minutes


We need a volunteer to accept the role of Secretary. Our former Secretary is unable to continue in the role for the next fiscal year due to other commitments. At this point, the job is fairly straight forward, and current so it will only require 10 hours per month or less. Anyone willing to accept the Secretary post for the next fiscal year should contact President Ron Rittenhouse (KE8HCY). Read more


        The dinner menu for AARC’s Christmas Dinner is now complete:
The menu includes your choice of either
A) Baked Chicken or
B) Ham Loaf.
Side dishes will include  Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans, and Garden Salad and Home made Chocolate Cake.
If you need a Gluten Free Meal, let Ron, KE8HCY know and we can discuss the substitute for the chocolate cake or the baked chicken. We do have access to a Gluten free option of the baked chicken.
All paid reservations must be made by Novembers 13th meeting. There will be no at-the-door purchase of the meal, but,you are most welcome to come for the rest of the evening of vocal entertainment provided by Alliance High School Vocal group.
Awards that will be presented include:  “AARC’s Ham of the Year” and recognition of AARC members on projects.
Just a reminder, Casual Business Attire is requested.
Please Remit your check to: Alliance Amateur Radio Club, P.O.Box 3344,  Alliance,Ohio. The cost is $10. per person. Paid reservations will also be taken at our November 13th meeting.
This will be a great event, the Food and Fellowship will be great.
Oh, yes I have been advised that we will have a visitor from the North Pole with treats for All.
The location is First Christian Church 1141 West Beech Street in Alliance, adequate parking (in the small parking lot) near the East Entrance to the church which leads into the Dinner Location in Fellowship Hall of the church.
Ron Rittenhouse KE8HCY
Alliance Amateur Radio Club
Home phone: 330-823-5454 Land Line leave message after announcement


        Tomorrow night Wednesday October 9th is our annual Election Night for AARC. Please make every effort to attend this event. The Trustee's will conduct the election, We need a candidate for Secretary and One(1) Trustee. Our membership roster now stand at Forty Five (45) members. I Hope to see the meeting room packed.

[w8lky] AARC DX Contest

October sure snuck up on me. I forgot to mention that we are once again holding the AARC DX Contest. 
Last Year, we had only one (1) entry, but I’m sure we’ll do better this year   
The contest is open to all current AARC members, and runs from October 1st through March 31st (all dates are UTC). 
Entering could not be simpler. Just work DX as you normally do; any band or mode. 
In April, export your contacts to a ADI file, and send it to me for scoring purposes. We only need contacts from October 1st – March 31st. 
NOTE: we have to have at least two entries for there to be a winner announced. 
An ADI file is easy to create; most logging programs will handle it, and if you have questions, I’ll be happy to assist you. 
Thanks & 73,
John, KD8MQ 

[w8lky] Club programs for 2020

Hi everyone,

Well it’s getting to be that time again. I will be soon working on programs for club meetings in 2020.

I have some great ideas from a list that everyone gave me a few years ago, but I’m open to suggestions for other programs as well. Do you have an idea?

Email me at kd8mq1@gmail.com. 


Thanks, & 73,


John, KD8MQ 

[w8lky] Newest AARC members and their call signs

        In the past week or so, our newest members;Ken Moats, Jeremy Toole Sr. and Gwen Snyder have received their call signs. Ken is KE8NAT, Jeremy Sr, is KE8NAU And Gwen Snyder is KE8NAV. Frank WA8WHP is working to get them "on air". We hope  they will join us for Breakfast October 5th, 8:30am at Don Poncho's and then the following Wednesday night October 9th for our monthly meeting at Aultman Alliance Community Hospital Cafe' Cafeteria Conference Room at 7:30pm. We would like to create a Mentoring program for our new members who complete the course work and pass their Tech License. Once all the new members and one renewal are processed, into our membership, AARC will stand at Forty Four (44) members.