[W8LKY] Feb. minutes

Feb. 14th 2018 AARC meeting Mary Maendel KD8RFZ Thomas St. George KC8ZEH Tony Schillig KD8BBK John Myers KD8MQ Howard Miller K8DXR Kent Keller Blaise Lamielle KB8QBS Don Kemp NN8B Dwight Turner KD8YFV Bryan Webler N8WD Peter Lucke N8IGZ Ron Rittenhouse KE8HCY Miriam Sanor Frank Sanor WA8WHP Frank Tompkins W8EZT Tom Steele KD8JRK Chris McDaniels AC8VN Thomas, KC8ZEH stood in to run the meeting as Paul K2ASA was out due to knee surgeries Minutes approved as posted Birthdays read Report on emails, John KD8MQ says it’s now fixed and running well Repeater, we are still waiting on Eric, if we know of anyone selling a 2 meter repeater for a reasonable price, give John a call. Newsletter is back in publication, once a month, but not a top priority. Net reports: Cw net coming along, at 8:30, we will still keep the time as is 10 meter side band, signal strength is improving, check ins are strong, between 8 and 11 folks. 2 meter net had approx. 15 check ins with 3 echo links and mobile, been hanging between 10 and 15 at 9p.m. on the repeater, we are working on interference 12 folks on Homeland Security net twice a month, 7 p.m. 2nd and last Tuesday Training class reports, class is finished. 5 weeks was the class, Frank WA8WHP handed out plaques to all the men who helped with the classes in the Last 10 years Treasury report, balance is xxxx.xx we paid out $100.00 for field day Report accepted, moved by K8DXR and 2nded by KD8JRK New business: 501c3 Advantages are to allow people to donate and deduct Cost: 400.00 filing fee one time cost Recommended to close the club and restart due to former treasurer getting ill and records disappearing and having to open new account. We don’t have the old records. So they recommended to close. Price 50.00 to close club, 100.00 to re-open, 400 fee to apply so total cost would be 550.00 to get the 501c3 We may have to get new checks, new by-laws, or just renewed by-laws, it would be just a paperwork change We were in the process of making motion when NN8B, Don Kemp spoke up and informed us that his group found a smaller form that only costs 250.00 instead of 400. So Frank, WA8WHP moved to table discussion and any decisions until we research it further, 2nded by KD8JRK Winter field day report: Great day, good amount of contacts, good food, good participation. The chili winner was Thomas, and the dessert winner was his wife. We had 2 computers and 3 radios. We were short a computer, but next year we will have it handled. We didn’t have the network set up this year, next year we will have it covered. We had some issues with a noisy room that made it hard to hear for some operators, it is suggested to separate operators from socializers. Thomas read a letter from the State Defense Force, part of Ohio Military Reserve asking if we want to partner with them in training. It looks like it is legit, so we will contact them. Frank, WA8WHP will contact Lieutenant Mark Lee at 330-397-3282 or practical8724@ymail.com Reminder of upcoming events. Next month is home brew month so get your projects ready. Next meeting is March 14. The feature for tonight is magnetic loop antennas by Frank Thompkins. KD8JRK moved to adjourn meeting and KD8YFV 2nded at 8:14 Sent from Mail for Windows 10

PARF Again Sponsors Hamvention Bus Trip

The following arrived in my mailbox today. DE KD8MQ

Hi, Everyone!

PARF is once again hosting a bus trip to Hamvention 2018 (formerly known as the “Dayton” Hamvention). This year the event is again being held at the Greene County Fairgrounds in Xenia.

This year’s price is the same – $72 for the bus and entrance ticket (before April 15th). After April 15th, you will only be able to purchase the bus seat at a cost of $55 and buy your ticket at the door for $27. So, buy early and save up to $10.

The church (our regular departure point) is still up for sale. Should it sell before May, the bus company will again work with us to secure a nearby alternative departure location if necessary.

Please find attached both the flyer with complete details and an application for the trip (in 2 formats each) – Feel free to share with everyone you know so that we can once again fill the bus!!!

Any other questions, feel free to contact me –





[W8LKY] Tonights Club Meeting

Don’t forget that the February meeting of the Alliance Amateur Radio Club is tonight at the alliance Community Hospital (7:30). We’ll be in the cafeteria conference room. Tonight’s speaker will be Frank, W8EZT speaking on Mag Loop Antennas. We’ll be meeting beforehand at Franks Alliance Family Restaurant (428 E. State St. ) for dinner at 5:45. See you there! Invite your friends!

[W8LKY] Mag loop antennas to be presented at the Alliance Club Meeting

On Wednesday night is the next Alliance ARC meeting. We meet at 5:45 at Franks Alliance Family Restaurant (428 E. State St) for dinner before the meeting.
Then we move over to the Alliance Community Hospital Cafe Conference room for the club meeting which begins promptly at 7:30 PM. The address is 200 E. State St (Enter the parking lot off of Arch Ave).
Our program for this month is on Mag Loop Antennas, and will be presented by Frank, W8EZT. Please make plans to come to this meeting, as Frank does a good program. But be aware, you might learn something. HI HI
Please feel free to share this to anyone you think might be interested. 73 DE KD8MQ

[W8LKY] Upcoming Homeland security Net

The next Homeland Security net is coming up this Tuesday evening. Please note the time has been changed to 7 PM. A big thank you goes out to Dwight, KD8YFV for catching my error in the previous e-mails.
The HS net happens every 2nd & last Tuesday of the month at 7 PM. The frequency is 147.51 Simplex.
Please make an effort to check in. This gives us some practice in VHF simplex operation. After all, there is more to Two meters than just repeaters.
Feel free to share this to anyone you think might be interested.
73 all, DE KD8MQ

[W8LKY] Mailing list issues

OK everyone,
Sorry for the barrage of e-mails in the last couple hours. That was NOT(!) intended.
It looks like every single one of my failed e-mails to you via the list got released in the last few hours. This is due to an issue on the part of the mailing list. Please forgive the intrusion.
I should have this sorted out by next Wednesday’s club meeting, & will have an explanation by then.
*John Myers, KD8MQ*


Hi everyone,
Here’s the entry that was submitted to the Winter Field Day folks.
John, KD8MQ
———- Forwarded message ———- From: <webform@b4h.net> Date: Sat, Feb 3, 2018 at 5:32 PM Subject: WFD W8LKY 3I LP To: 3830@contesting.com, kd8mq1@gmail.com
Winter Field Day
Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
160:    0      0      0
80:    0     46      0
40:   16     80      2
20:    0     12      0
15:    1      0      0
10:    0      0      0
6:    0      0      0
2:    0      0      0
222:    0      0      0
432:    0      0      0
Total:   17    138      2  Mults = 6  Total Score = 3,612
Club: Alliance Amateur Radio Club
It was a fun weekend, albeit a bit muddy. No records were broken, but everyone seemed to have fun.

[W8LKY] AARC breakfast

Hi everyone,
Our monthly breakfast is Saturday, February 3rd.
8:30 am at Frank’s Alliance Family Restaurant. 428 E. State st in Alliance.
I’ll have some preliminary (possibly final) numbers from Winter Field Day to pass around.
Hopefully Frank will NOT have chili on the breakfast menu!

[W8LKY] Homeland security net

Hi everyone,
I’m sorry if this is a duplicate. My first attempt at this email must have been “lost in the cloud”
Tomorrow is our Homeland Security Net. It is a simplex net, without the use of repeaters, or echolink.
Loren, KD8WVE is your net control.
The net is held on the 2nd & last Tuesday of each month, at 8 PM on a frequency of 147.51 Mhz simplex.
Feel free to forward this along to all who might be interested in this net.

[W8LKY] Homeland Security Net is coming up on Jan 30

Hi everyone,
Tomorrow is our Homeland Security Net. It is a simplex net, without the use of repeaters, or echolink.
Loren, KD8WVE is your net control.
The net is held on the 2nd & last Tuesday of each month, at 8 PM on a frequency of 147.51 Mhz simplex.
Feel free to forward this along to all who might be interested in this net.
*John Myers, KD8MQ*