AARC DX Challenge

This is something that we’ve done for the last few years. It’s not much different to CQ Magazines DX Marathon.

So, you might be asking “what’s the challenge”? Well,
the challenge is to see how many DX Entities you can work in 6 months.
Here’s the rules:

  • Eligibility: Open to all current Alliance ARC Members
  • Object: To see who can work the most DXCC countries between 0000z October 1, 2016, and 2359z on March 31, 2017, Regardless of Band, or Mode.
  • Bands & Modes: All bands DC to Daylight are eligible. Any Mode
  • Paperwork: You are on the honor system. No LOTW, or EQSL
    required. No stressing out over getting QSL cards. Just export your log for that
    period to an ADI file, and send it in. You don’t even need to weed out your non-DX contacts. We will do that for you.

The judging is done by importing your .ADI file to the most recent copy available of N3FJP’s ACLog program. Once imported, we use ACLog’s excellent Award tracking function to determine the winner

This years challenge is over, but the next one begins on October 1st.

Any questions or entries can be directed to John, KD8MQ at kd8mq1@gmail.com.


Previous Winner(s)

2017 – Rex, NX8G

2016 – Rex, NX8G

2015 – Rex, NX8G