Winter Field Day2018

We are looking forward to Winter Field Day 2018. After all, who ever said that emergencies only happen in the summer?

This year (2018), we will be operating from the Sebring Holiness Camp. Here is an excerpt from our January newsletter:

Winter Field Day is coming up.

Well, it’s coming up again. Winter Field Day, that is. The big event comes up on the weekend of January 27/28. We will again be operating the club station from the Sebring Holiness Camp, on Johnson Rd (see map on this page).

Directions: Coming from Alliance on Rt 62, turn left on Johnson Rd (at Perkins). Go north to Texas Ave, and turn left into the driveway for the camp.

Setup will begin sometime the morning of the 27th, and operation will begin at 2 PM. Check our website, or listen to our nets for the latest information.

Also, there will be chili & dessert cook-offs at 5:30 PM on Saturday. Bring your entry in a unmarked container. Electric is available for crock pots. We are covered for Bowls, plates, & utensils as well.

No word on drinks, and snacks, so we’ll assume that anything that gets brought will be appreciatively consumed.

You can learn more about Winter Field Day on their website, or Facebook group.


Last year, We operated class 3I (3 transmitters – Indoors) and made a total of 108 contacts (77 Phone / 31 CW). With bonus points, our final score as submitted is 2,612.

You can learn more about Winter Field day at

Here’s some pictures of our WFD 2017 setup.
( Thanks to Tomas, KC8ZEH, and Paul, K2ASA for these pictures.)