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At The Alliance Amateur Radio club, we are a friendly group of men & women who are bound together by our interest in Amateur Radio. We invite you to browse our history via the following links.

Perhaps you’d like to pay us a visit. Meeting information can be found on our Meetings page. Just click here.

Our Mission Statement

The Alliance Amateur Radio Club seeks to promote fraternalism, to educate and advance radio knowledge and individual operating efficiency, to provide public service communications in the event of disasters or other emergencies, and to conduct club programs and other activities that advance the general interest and welfare of amateur radio in our community, county, and state.


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Ham Of The Year

The Alliance ARC Ham OThe Year award will be presented at our upcoming Banquet. In the event that the recipient isn’t at the banquet, the award will be presented at the January AARC meeting. The Ham of the year is chosen by a vote of the membership.

Our 2018 Hams of the Year are

Dwight Turner, KD8YFV,


? ? ?


Our Previous Hams Of The Year

2017 – Paul Richardson, K2ASA 
2016 – Don Whitaker, K8OMO (SK)
2015 – Shawn Gentile, KD8ZEZ
2014 – Tomas St. George, KC8ZEH
2013 – Ben Davis, KD8KMQ
2012 – John Myers, KD8MQ
2011 – Don Kingan, AB8KV
2010 – Tony Shillig KD8BBK
2009 – Larry Ashburn KE8VE (SK)
2008 – John Myers KD8MQ
2007 – Howard Miller K8DXR
2006 – Frank Sanor WA8WHP
2005 – David Glass W8UKQ (SK)
2004 – George Proudfoot K3GP
2003 – Joe Young KC8TAC
2002 – Samuel Eberling KC8ETZ (SK)
2001 – Robert L.Steele K8RLS (SK)
2000 – Jerry Wheeler KG8RN
1999 – David Glass W8UKQ (SK)
1998 – Mary Ann Royer KB8IVS
1997 – James W. Wilson KB8GHZ (SK)
1996 – Don Whitaker K8OMO (SK)
1995 – Gladys Wilson KB8GIA
1994 – Larry Ashburn KE8VE (SK)
1993 – Pam Myers N8IAK
1992 – John Myers WX8G
1991 – Jack Bennett W8WEN (SK)
1990 – Dave Buckwalter KC3CL
1989 – Jim Ferguson N8DZA (SK)

Membership Application

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Our Club History

We have a rich & varied Amateur Radio history in the Tri-County area.
You can read more about it here. 

Silent Keys

In Ham Radio Lingo, a Silent Key generally refers to one who has passed on. 
Click here to see our Silent Key Page.