Good afternoon: Well, just like everything else some times you press the wrong key when your trying to send a message and that is what happen to me in my previous email.

                              MOVING FORWARD
      I just want to remind everyone that we will be starting up Classes for New Amateur Radio Operators in January 2019. Frank WA8WHP is currently putting together a list of interested persons to start their journey in Amateur Radio. He could use your help in recruitment of interested people for Amateur Radio, I just ran into a man at church, he told me he has a radio but does not have a license. I am trying to get him to come to our classes so he can  take the Technician License test and then, we will get him on the Air. We will need some of you to help Frank WA8WHP present the classes, I did last time and I plan on helping him again with the class starting in January 2019.

       Winter Field Day is coming up, and it will be held at Sebring Camp just like last year. The date is January 26-27, we need a chairman or a committee to run this project. Now is a good time to step up and be part of a team to make this project happen. The site has been reserved, all we need to do now is set up our equipment and get on the Air. We will need some food, chili is always good, some side dishes, desserts and beverage (coffee, water,pop) and paper products and utensils.We will be forming a committee at the December meeting, We need your help.
      If you are interested in helping  to create our New W8LKY Power Point Presentation, let me know. I have done quite a few of these for my church and my degree work over the past 6-8 years. We will need information and other support data on the club and Amateur Radio and Photos to added to the mix of the slides. I will personally do the presentations and I am looking forward to some of our members  accompanying  me on the presentations and chiming in and sharing their knowledge and experience as a Amateur Radio Operator and member of  W8LKY. I already have a standing invitation from the Alliance Rotary Club to receive the Power Point Presentation. We will be contacting all service clubs and community organizations to set up a schedule to present the PPP of W8LKY in 2019 and beyond. The PPP is a great recruiting tool and it works.
        The business card, the pamphlet and power point presentation are all part of helping W8LKY grow, it will take time and effort. We need you, the members to step up and get involved.    W8LKY 2019 Theme is: Pride in the Carnation City
Ron Rittenhouse KE8HCY
330-821-5454 Land Line–Leave message after the announcement