[W8LKY] Mailing list news – PLEASE READ THIS!

Hi everyone,
We’ve been working to correct the issue which causes some e-mails (most notably, the minutes) to the club reflector to be displayed as a jumbled mess.

This looks bad, and posts to the website the same way. Since this then needs to be repaired, it causes more work for both your secretary, and myself. So, we found a fix that will ensure proper formatting of all future e-mails. We are leaving qth.net.

Over the next 90 days, we are phasing out the aarc@mailman.qth.net reflector. We have set up a new reflector at groups.io. Think of groups.io as “Yahoo done right”.

Over the last few years, Yahoo seems to have been declining in it’s support for groups. several groups have left Yahoo, and made the switch to Groups.io. The Ohio State Parks On The Air Yahoo group which I co-manage will make the switch in the next month. But, I digress.

aarc@mailman.qth.net has been in operation for some time. For that reason, I will not migrate everyone over to the new group, but rather will start fresh, and will give you the link to do it yourself. Signing up requires you to open a free groups.io account. To join the new group, go to groups.io/g/w8lky.

The new group will go live beginning sometime after December 1st. I’ll pop in here on this group periodically to remind you to migrate over to the new group. If you have problems signing up, or have questions, I’m here to help, but be prepared to wait anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 days for me to respond. Sorry, as usual, I am the poster child for having too much on my plate. Some upcoming surgery won’t make things any better.

Groups.IO has a ton of awesome features for groups, including a file section, and a calendar which I hope to integrate into the website. I hope to see you over there soon.


John Myers, KD8MQ