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[W8LKY] AARC Field Day Planning meeting is Scheduled for Tuesday, April 3rd

Our planning meeting for ARRL Field Day 2018 will be tomorrow night (Tuesday, 4-3) at the Marlington Pavilion at 6:30 PM.
I promise, we’ll keep this as short as possible. I want to go over plans for this years effort, including some ideas I have for station layout.
If you are interested in helping out with our Field Day efffort this year, please plan to attend.
The weather is forecast to be in the 60s, and chance of rain about 20%. See you there.

[W8LKY] Here’s the April issue of the Zero Beat

Here’s the latest issue of the Zero Beat:
Happy Easter,

[W8LKY] Field Day Planning Meeting April 3rd at the FD Site

There will be a ARRL Field Day Informational/Planning meeting coming up on Tuesday, April 3rd at 6:30 PM.
This meeting is for anyone who is interested in participating in the club Field Day effort.
We will be meeting at the Field Day site in the pavilion at Marlington Middle school ( 10325 Moulin Ave NE ).
I’d like to talk about plans for this years Field Day, and answer any questions you may have.
Whether this is your first Field Day, or you have a few of them under your belt, you owe it to yourself to attend.
Attendance is NOT mandatory, but perhaps we can hasten the arrival of spring by making some summer plans.
ARRL Field Day will take place on June 23-24 (ALWAYS the 4th full weekend of June).
Hope to see you there.

[W8LKY] Homeland Security Net is This Tuesday

The next Homeland Security net is coming up this Tuesday evening, March 27th. The net meets on the 2nd & last Tuesday of each month at 7 PM. The frequency is 147.51 Simplex. It’s a good training tool, as it gives you a great idea how your two meter setup is running (or is not running). It also gives us some practice in VHF simplex operation. After all, there is more to Two meters than just repeaters. Besides, the way that .37 has been “working”, running simplex is definitely a something to include in your Ham radio tool box. Feel free to share this to anyone you think might be interested.

[W8LKY] Fwd: The Ohio Section Journal – Ohio Severe Weather & Flooding Awareness Edition

> Hi Gang, > > The Latest Edition of the Ohio Section Journal is now on-line and ready > for you to read! > > Here’s just a teaser of some of the great information that you’ll > find in this edition.. > > –> From the Technical Coordinator – Here from Jeff about > “Windows 10” > > –> From the Affiliated Club Coordinator – Here from Tom with some > great suggestions on how to get folks to you club meeting > > –> From the Section Emergency Coordinator – Here from Stan about > the flooding and how we have been involved > > –> Shack Safety – You really gotta’ read this story, it will > knock the socks off of you… Literally!! > > There’s so much more that we just can’t list it all here… You > just gotta’ read this edition!! > >>> << > > > 73, and stay warm and dry my friends! > > Scott, N8SY.. > > ——————————————————————– > ARRL Ohio Section > Section Manager: Scott D Yonally, N8SY > > ——————————————————————– >

[W8LKY] Stark County SkyWarn Spotter Training

SkyWarn storm spotter training will be coming up this wednesday at Jackson High School. You can find all the information at

[W8LKY] FM2M2- Ohio 2 Meter FM Simplex Squares Contest

FM2M2- Ohio 2 Meter FM Simplex Squares Contest

Sponsored by The Cuyahoga Fall Amateur Radio Club

A contest for all hams in Ohio!

● All you need is a 2M FM HT or mobile radio and a simple antenna to compete for prizes and certificates; yes even a cheap HT will do.

● The contest is 10 hours total, two 5 hour windows each on April 7th & 8th 2018.

● Use 2 Meter FM Simplex communication to contact as many other stations and grid squares in Ohio as possible.

● Anyone sending in a log with at least one valid contact is eligible to win prizes, but the more contacts you make the better your odds of winning. There will also be certificates for leaders in a variety of categories.

● Full details and rules can be found at

[W8LKY] March club minutes

March 14 2018 AARC Meeting

KE8FSZ Clifford Burse
KD8BBK Tony Schillig
KE8HCY Ron Rittenhouse
KD8MQ John Myers
KE8EQI Charlie Theiss
WA8WHP Frank Sanor
Miriam Sanor
K7CE Carl Mani
N8IGZ Peter Lucke
KC8ZEH Tomas St. George
KE8CKL Mike Urban
KD8JRK Tom Steele
KD8YFV Dwight Turner
K2ASA Paul Richardson
WD8AYC Rick Graber
K8DXR Howard Miller
KD8WVE Loren Kleinhans
K8TWA Ted Armstrong
KE8IYN David Kleinhans
N8WD Bryan Webler
Fran Lones
Heath Urban
KD8RFZ Mary Maendel

7:30 Meeting Begins with prayer and pledge
Minutes approved as accepted
Birthdays announced
10 meters cw net, 2 or 3 check ins
10 meter side band several folks have running it for John while he was busy, had good response Tomas 2 meter net gave reports of average of 13 per meeting
Homeland security net did really well, 8 last month. Last night we had 6 with a relay.

We had 2 from the last class get their license, with more study one of the boys will re-test

Treasurer’s report Club insurance due equipment at $129.00 Liability insurance due at $205 p.o. box fee is due at $82 movement made to pay bills KE8CKL 2nded by K8DXR Account balance is $xxxx.xx

Committee report with repeater Club equipment is fixed
Call sign approval for release to individuals running a special event station from home for Carnation days has been submitted, more information is coming up.
Paul plans to activate Camp Rodman for boy scouts for July 27 thru Aug 12.
Most likely the 11th with W8LKY call sign for event

Field day: Where do we want to have it? We have 3 locations: New Baltimore, The Camp in Sebring, or Marlington school Possible to use Camp Rodman. Majority would like to have it at Marlington. We will have an on site meeting in April
Field day is on the 4th full weekend in June, we will have more for the next meeting

Repeater report: The 2 meter repeater needs to be replaced We can get one of the original dr1 repeater for 400.00, Yaesu is taking them in as exchanges for the dr2’s and reselling dr1’s reconditioned It is a basic machine, with no voice i.d., cw i.d. without duplexers. John would get duplexers from Sherry and tune them and hook them up and run at John’s location for temporary site. We need to get it set up and get familiar with it before searching for permanent home. We could look for repeater cabinet at the Dayton hamfest. Carl K7CE may have one to donate for free. John’s work may have traffic cabinets available for auction as well.
We have the repeater antenna that needs to go up on John’s tower.
Yaesu’s requirements are: *agree not to resell hardware for 1 year, *place repeater on the air in the area listed on your application for a period of at least 1 year *Must be operated in automatic mode select (ams) mode or digital mode. Motion made to allocate funds to buy 700.00 (extra monies to pay for incidentals needed) to purchase repeater by KD8JRK and seconded by K8YFV – motion passed John will work on paperwork to get it asap Long term vision is to see this repeater as a back up. There were more discussions on repeaters about what this unit can and cannot do

Sept 15 field trip to dx engineering at 9 am, John needs a head count and will have sign up sheet in August, K3LR station is on the itinerary as well and is awesome and worth seeing

Report on the 501 c3 status: We asked for 550.00 for applications for the fees for the 501c3 . but we had new info for filing cheaper, now it’s 425.00 invested all in, KD8JRK moves that we allocated $425 fee to finalize the 501c3, 2nded KE8FSZ and motion carried.

By law updates N8IGZ Peter , tweeked the wording on the by laws, took away the amendments and incorporated into the new by laws, and added a 10th article that incorporated the repeater committee, changed repair fund to 100.00 instead of 99.99 other than that nothing has changed, article 5 had 4 parts, then dues then 5th part after and he put them back together. So now by laws look neater It was suggested to move our address and zip on the front page as well as the back page We can post by laws on the web site or email everyone so we can all read before we vote on it.

Alliance militia has not responded to our attempts to contact them

We are still trying to get a hold of them Relay for life: It is not happening in Alliance, but in Union Town or Jackson Twp, we probably will not participate but rather to make a donation to them. KC8ZEH moves to donate 75. 00 to relay for life, seconded by KD8JRK, motion carried

April 7th at 8:30 breakfast April 11th next meeting at hospital Tonight is home brew night. WA8WHP moved to adjourn then seconded by KD8FSZ, meeting adjourned at 8:42 John KD8MQ brought a mobile mount made out of aluminum, attaches to bumper Dwight KD8YFV brought a home made watt meter for low wattage qrp will register milli watts and nano watts, also made a attinuator Ted K8TWA brought a “GO” box contains radios, battery, power inverter, and other misc. took 6 years to build it KC8ZEH Tomas brought a keyboard and a device to read and send code.and a plastic 3d printer key made in memory of KD8OMO KD8JRK Tom remade his g5rv antenna with pictures on his facebook page. He has been enjoying getting on the air Rick WD8AYC made a qrp transmitter, tuna tin 2 puts out ¼ watt, with 2 transmitters WA8WHP Frank made a signal generator, with a frequency counter, tube based for now. Will convert to solid state when tubes go. KD8BBK Tony brought an antenna side arm supports made with pvc pipe to hold ladder line, it has helped support the ladder line and keeps it from breaking. He also brought an antenna that is for camping, end fed, antenna with 300 ohm ladder line, 33’3” red part connects to the ladder line 14’3” and has a shield coax to be the counter poise can tune really well for 40 meters and 80 meters, 100 watts, Ted K8TWA was voted winner and won a gift certificate Sent from Mail for Windows 10

[W8LKY] DXE visit and K3LR station tour (More information)

We now have a date for the Saturday morning visit to DX Engineering, and K3LR’s QTH. Saturday, *September 15th*. We’ll be car pooling to Tallmadge for a tour of DX Engineering, and then on to West Midedlesex, PA where we’ll tour the K3LR contest super station.
We’ll likely do lunch afterwards. I’ll post more information (times, etc) as I receive it from Tim’s assistant.
If you are unfamiliar with Tim’s station, here’s a link to AA7BQ’s visit:

[W8LKY] Alliance ARC Meeting coming up.

Don’t forget that the March meeting of the Alliance ARC is this Wednesday (March 14th). We’ll be in the Cafeteria Conference Room, and the meetings begin at 7:30.
We have lots to cover this month. Since President K2ASA ducked out on us this month, we’ll be making him earn his pay this month.
This month is Homebrew night, and more than a couple folks have messaged me of their plans to walk away with with the first place prize this year. It should for sure be a fun night.
Speaking of the Two Meter repeater, if you use either of the clubs repeaters, please make the effort to attend the March meeting. You will not be disappointed.
Also, don’t forget that before the meeting, we get together for dinner at Frank’s Alliance Family Restaurant (428 E. State St). We meet at 5:45 PM. Hope you can make it.