Here’s the Club FD Results

The Alliance ARC 3A effort from the Sebring Campgrounds netted 1177 QSOs. The breakdown is as follows:

CW QSOs: 461
Digital QSOs: 77
SSB QSOs: 744

The GOTA station run by Tomas, KD8VVL, and coached by Tom, KD8JRK was good for an extra 200 bonus points. This brings our bonus point total to 1050.

40 Meters was again our bread & butter band, accounting for 669 QSOs.

This is our 7th best score since 1998, Our best score ever was 4810, posted in 2006.

The top three operators this year were:

Butch, WA8SHP: 311 QSOs
Tony, KD8BBK: 216 QSOs
Mike, KD8RUQ: 204 QSOs

Good Job everyone!

100 Contacts Made During W8T Operation

Well, it’s all over. We’d like to thank everyone who came out to visit us, either on the air, or in person. It was a great day.
Remember, a special QSL, and certificate is available.
Just send a QSL, and large 9 X 12 SASE (or $2) to:
P.O. Box 3344
Alliance, OH 44601

We made 100 contacts, in 29 states, and 5 countries.

Here are the band breakdowns:

40 Meter Phone: 64

40 Meter CW: 1
20 Meter SSB: 28
20 Meter CW: 5
17 Meter SSB: 5


Have you ever wondered about RTTY? Does it keep you up nights? Well, while we aren’t able to fix your sleep habits, we may be able to give you some hands-on in the RTTY department.

The North American QSO Party-RTTY is coming up on July 19th. The actual contest period runs from 2 PM EDT to 2AM EDT.

I don’t consider myself an expert on RTTY Contesting, but I do have fun with it. So much so that I’ll be setting up the rig on the patio, and inviting you over to try your hand at RTTY contesting.

We’ll be lighting up the grill, and cooking out. So if you want to have some fun on the air, come on over. We’ll be cooking around 5, but early arrivals are welcome. Bring the spouse, or girlfriend (not both), and we’ll have an unofficial club picnic.

Bring a lawn chair, or two as well. Also, if you want to bring a covered dish, or munchies, that’ll be great.

Our QTH is located at 910 W. Mill St, in Alliance, on the SW corner of Mill, and Antram. Parking is available in the side, or front driveways. But, please, no parking on the grass. Antram is a narrow street, but If everyone parks on the same side, we should be OK.

Any questions, just give me a call. My number is 330-936-5021.And, of course, we will be monitoring the club two meter repeater (145.370).

We’ll be going rain or shine!

See you on the 19th!


W8T Special Event is scheduled for July 12th

Our next special event operation W8T is happening July 12th. It’s purpose is to commemorate Alliance as the home of Taylorcraft Aviation. Operation on 40, 20 , 15, 10 are planned.
Send a QSL, and large SASE (or $2 S+H) for a QSL & certificate.
For more information, check out the W8T page by clicking here.

Alliance ARC Returns To Sebring Campgrounds

It’s that time again. Field Day is almost here! We will be returning to the Sebring Camp Grounds.

Field Day is always on the 4th full weekend of June. This years dates are June 28/29.

The Sebring Camp Grounds are located just off of Johnson Rd, in Sebring. The drive is just North of Lake Park Blvd, at the corner of Texas Ave, and Johnson rd.

Feel free to stop out, and join the fun!

KD8MQ Named Ohio ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator

From the Ohio Section News (20 June 2014):

I want to introduce you to the Ohio Section’s newest Affiliated Clubs Coordinator.. John Myers, KD8MQ

John Myers, KD8MQ lives in Alliance, and is the current Vice President, and former President of the Alliance Amateur Radio Club. He is also editor of the club newsletters; the Zero Beat (an Ohio Section Newsletter Contest Winner), and the Monday Morning Message.

John has taught licensing classes, and is the former chairman of the clubs field day effort. John is a member of PCARS, where he is one of the Board Members for the Ohio State Parks On The Air Contest. He’s also their webmaster.

Licensed in 1980, John holds an Extra class license. He holds an associate degree in Computer Science, and enjoys writing, & maintaining websites, when he is not “playing radio”.

John was a self-employed Electronic Technician for 21 years, but currently is a traffic signal & lighting technician with the City of Canton. John enjoys contesting, portable HF operation, fox hunting, and awards chasing.

He has been married for 17 years to his wife, Lyn, who generously allows him to share their home with her, and their three cats.

Let’s all congratulate John on his new position..


Club 440 Repeater To Relocate

At the latest club meeting, the possible sale of the W8LKY 440 repeater was discussed. K8OMO has taken the machine off the air, due to low usage, and high electric costs to run it.

An offer was made to try relocating it. This was discussed further at a subsequent meeting of the repeater committee. At that meeting, it was agreed that the club 440 repeater would be moved to the KD8MQ QTH about a mile north of the present site.

Though the site is about the same altitude, it does have some advantages. We are hoping for improved range from the relocation.

The move should take place sometime in the next few months. No disruption in service should be noted since the repeater is currently off the air.


AARC To Host Ham “Jeperdee”

Well, we were unable to get Alex Trebek to bring the Ham version of Jeopardy to one of our club meetings, but we did the next best thing.

At our next meeting on March 12th, we’ll be hosting Ham Radio Jeperdee. Plan to come out and test your Ham knowledge. We also tried to get cash prizes for the winners, but were unable to make that happen, so We’ll be playing for bragging rights. Hope to see you there.


Stark County VHF Simplex Contest Turns Five!

starkIt’s that time again! Our VHF contest turns 5! This year, we have a new name, and a change in the rules. This years party will be on April 26th, and runs from 12 noon – 4 PM. Forms, and more information are posted on the VHF Contest Page

The purpose of this contest is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for local Amateurs to enhance their station and operating skills.
  • Simulate emergency conditions (with NO repeaters).
  • To enhance utilization of the 2 meter band and simplex operation
  • To have fun.

So, let’s tune up those antennas, fine tune those mobile stations, and get ready for a great afternoon on the Two-Meter band!


Wacky Key Night Is April 9th!

bananaFrom the “Gee, I wish I’d thought of that one first” department, comes the AARC Wacky Key Night. The idea for this one comes from the Delaware-Lehigh ARC. The rules are simple.
Build a device which will key a code oscillator (provided). Simulated straight keys, iambic paddles, sideswipers; whatever! Any and all are welcome. The more elaborate or ridiculous, the better! We will provide several connector configurations for you to attach to your “Wacky Key,” even alligator clips to your terminals if that’s all you have.
The WACKIEST KEY WINS!! Put your silly alter ego to work and construct a Rube Goldberg device. Carry, drag, or wheel it in if you have to. No limits; just don’t scratch the floor!
Imagination, originality, and HUMOR are going to rule the outcome!

There are 3 simple rules:

  • Real, manufactured keys are prohibited.
  • It has to actually function by closing a circuit that will trigger an audio oscillator.
  • It must be able to send your Callsign legibly, or just a simple “CQ.”

For ideas, please consult

Winners determined by popular vote, (determined by judges) and prizes will be awarded!
We’ll see you at the April 9th club meeting!