Club 440 Repeater To Relocate

At the latest club meeting, the possible sale of the W8LKY 440 repeater was discussed. K8OMO has taken the machine off the air, due to low usage, and high electric costs to run it.

An offer was made to try relocating it. This was discussed further at a subsequent meeting of the repeater committee. At that meeting, it was agreed that the club 440 repeater would be moved to the KD8MQ QTH about a mile north of the present site.

Though the site is about the same altitude, it does have some advantages. We are hoping for improved range from the relocation.

The move should take place sometime in the next few months. No disruption in service should be noted since the repeater is currently off the air.


AARC To Host Ham “Jeperdee”

Well, we were unable to get Alex Trebek to bring the Ham version of Jeopardy to one of our club meetings, but we did the next best thing.

At our next meeting on March 12th, we’ll be hosting Ham Radio Jeperdee. Plan to come out and test your Ham knowledge. We also tried to get cash prizes for the winners, but were unable to make that happen, so We’ll be playing for bragging rights. Hope to see you there.


Here’s the latest issue of the Zero Beat

The latest issue of our club newsletter; the Zero Beat is now posted. You can download it here. You can access our full archive on our newsletter page.


John, KD8MQ

Stark County VHF Simplex Contest Turns Five!

starkIt’s that time again! Our VHF contest turns 5! This year, we have a new name, and a change in the rules. This years party will be on April 26th, and runs from 12 noon – 4 PM. Forms, and more information are posted on the VHF Contest Page

The purpose of this contest is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for local Amateurs to enhance their station and operating skills.
  • Simulate emergency conditions (with NO repeaters).
  • To enhance utilization of the 2 meter band and simplex operation
  • To have fun.

So, let’s tune up those antennas, fine tune those mobile stations, and get ready for a great afternoon on the Two-Meter band!


Wacky Key Night Is April 9th!

bananaFrom the “Gee, I wish I’d thought of that one first” department, comes the AARC Wacky Key Night. The idea for this one comes from the Delaware-Lehigh ARC. The rules are simple.
Build a device which will key a code oscillator (provided). Simulated straight keys, iambic paddles, sideswipers; whatever! Any and all are welcome. The more elaborate or ridiculous, the better! We will provide several connector configurations for you to attach to your “Wacky Key,” even alligator clips to your terminals if that’s all you have.
The WACKIEST KEY WINS!! Put your silly alter ego to work and construct a Rube Goldberg device. Carry, drag, or wheel it in if you have to. No limits; just don’t scratch the floor!
Imagination, originality, and HUMOR are going to rule the outcome!

There are 3 simple rules:

  • Real, manufactured keys are prohibited.
  • It has to actually function by closing a circuit that will trigger an audio oscillator.
  • It must be able to send your Callsign legibly, or just a simple “CQ.”

For ideas, please consult

Winners determined by popular vote, (determined by judges) and prizes will be awarded!
We’ll see you at the April 9th club meeting!

Alliance ARC Christmas Party Is History

KD8KMQ Is Chosen Ham Of The Year


well, the annual ARC Christmas Party is now history. If you missed it, you missed an awesome time.

As usual, the shindig was held at Don Panchos Tex-Mex Cafe on West State St. here in Alliance. The night started off with a wonderful meal served by the Don Panchos staff. We then moved on to the annual drawing for presents. Thanks to everyone who brought presents, by the way.

After that, came the awarding of certificates of appreciation, for members who have participated in club activities this year.

Then came the high point of the evening; the awarding of the Ham Of The Year Plaque to Ben, KD8KMQ. Since joining the club, Ben has worked quietly for the betterment of Amateur Radio in the Alliance are. His work has not gone un-noticed. Thanks Ben!

AARC Donates $140 to FD Toy Drive; KC8LKB wins new HT!

Well, it happened again. We asked you to step up to help underprivileged kids in the Alliance area. You responded to the tune of $140 for the Alliance Fire Department’s toy campaign.Included in the main prize drawing was a Baofeng UV-B5 dual Band HT, as well as a host of other cool items.

When all was said & done, Don, K8OMO walked away with the HT. Luckily, we caught him in time to hand it to the rightful winner, Dana, KC8LKB. Dana elected to not press charges against OMO.

But, I digress. In all seriousness, We had a chance to help out some folks who are not as fortunate as us. That is always a good thing! Thanks everyone!

2013-11-13 20.38.24

Ben, KD8KMQ (R) presents the
main prize to Dana, KC8LKB (L)


Club Holds 5th Annual Homebrew Night

The smaller than normal quarters did little to subdue the excitement of our 5th annual Homebrew night. This years entries included:

  • A slide show of projects from Gary, KD8QFH, who was unable to be with us.
  • A Heathkit Transceiver from Jerry, N8SH
  • A Digital interface from Frank, WA8WHP.

The winner by popular vote was Frank, WA8WHP.

(Apologies for the lack of pictures. Your editor was relying on his ancient smartphone, which is no longer very smart.)

2013 Elections are OVER!

I must say that as a trustee I am personally very happy with last night’s annual election of officers. Only one position ran un-contested but all told there are FIVE people in new positions for the upcoming year! I present to you your slate of officers for 2014:

President:Ben, KD8KMQ

VP: John, KD8MQ

Secretary: Tom, KD8JRK

Treasurer: Mary Ann, KB8IVS



3 year Trustee: Rick, KC8SUI

2 Year Trustee: Steve, KB8RFE

1 Year Trustee: Howard, K8DXR

Check out the AARC Field Day Page

As it does each year, ARRL Field Day falls on 4th weekend in June. It so happens that this year, there are 5 weekends in June. We’d love to see you at field Day. All the dates, time, and info can be found on our Field day page.

Here’s the link to it: